Tepeo ZEB - because low carbon heat doesn't have to mean low performance!

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A few weeks ago I shared a very snazzy looking render of our Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB) in a random kitchen. Computer graphics are great but a real thing is even better... So we built it! And we tested it!

Why is it that things always seem to work less well in the real world than they do in theory? Your boiler company will know what I’m talking about - that “90% efficient” combi-boiler they sold you is probably only giving you about 70% efficiency or less! #boilergate

However, every now and then things perform even better in the real world than they do on paper… This latest revamped design of our Zero Emission Boiler has had us smiling all week. It has absolutely ripped up the record books and exceeded all our performance KPIs.

We’re putting it through its paces with daily testing and power cycling. It’s storing over 40kWh of usable heat and we’ve been getting 27kW of heat out into our water circuit at over 75C with a temperature delta of 30C! That is phenomenal!

Now, for the first time, low carbon heating doesn’t have to mean low temperature and low performance With a Tepeo ZEB it means low cost, low disruption to your life, low environmental impact and low stress. It has all the good things you’d want from your boiler with none of the bad. This is a game changer and we’re unbelievably excited about it.

Say hi to Tepeo's Zero Emission Boiler!

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It has been a while since we posted any news! You may have wondered what on earth we’ve been up to or if we’d given up…

Well for the last 6 months the team here at Tepeo have been flat out innovating, designing, iterating, problem solving and modelling. I won’t lie - there have been lots of ups and downs and countless challenges along the way. Finally, after months of hard grind and many coffees, in early June we finally cracked it! The result is something we’re immensely proud of and excited to share with you all. This version stores 40kWh of usable heat and can output 20kW of heat into a central heating and/or hot water system.

This new prototype is vastly different from what came before and has some really cool new innovations. Sadly we can’t share too much about how it works at this stage so instead we thought we’d show you how it might look in your kitchen in a couple of years time…


The keen observers amongst you might notice the image on the wall. We have this hanging in our office. It’s the global average temperatures over a 1.5 degree range going back to 1850. If ever inspiration was needed to urgently address climate change, this is ours. What’s yours?

We also realised that most people will have no idea what a “Heat Battery” is! So we’ve started calling it a “Zero Emission Boiler” - which is what it is! It’s your new boiler. It puts out zero emissions and its flexibility supports the transition to 100% renewable generation. One day it will join your “Zero Emission Vehicle” as part of your Zero Carbon Home. That day can’t come soon enough.

We’ve just received the final components and are busy assembling it - so check back at the end of the week and you won’t just see a render of the future - you’ll see the future!

Why I find Tepeo’s heat battery hot...

Great to have the support of the awesome team at Octopus Energy and their Agile tariff. Dynamic electricity pricing is one of the components meaning you'll soon be able to change out your gas boiler with a tepeo heat battery to support #decarbonisation! We want to drive the rapid migration of all UK homes from boilers to electric thermal storage saving people money and helping to save our planet. Checkout their blog below.

Introducing the tepeo heat battery (prototype v3)

tepeo is now 6 months old and we’re so proud of how much we’ve achieved in that time. There has been a lot of news recently about the looming climate change crisis and in particular the need to decarbonise heat.

It is so time critical that we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes developing a solution which will change the way we all heat our homes forever.

tepeo heat battery prototype v3

tepeo heat battery prototype v3

In a short space of time we’ve grown to a team of 4, gone through 3 product iterations, designed and produced our own electronics, touch screen and software.

The 3rd version of our heat battery has just been finished and we are putting it through its paces. It stores over 50kWh of thermal energy (more than enough for the average UK home on the coldest day of the year). It’s highly efficient, using 100% efficient resistive electric heating as well as incorporating revenue grade metering and grid frequency monitoring.

It will deliver the same performance as a regular gas or oil boiler with over 30kW peak output and is about the size of a washing machine!

A big thanks to my team for all the hard work! Despite the long road ahead in 2019, it’s going to be an exciting one and it feels great to be on track for large scale trials from the autumn.

Johan, Founder & CEO