Introducing the tepeo heat battery (prototype v3)

tepeo is now 6 months old and we’re so proud of how much we’ve achieved in that time. There has been a lot of news recently about the looming climate change crisis and in particular the need to decarbonise heat.

It is so time critical that we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes developing a solution which will change the way we all heat our homes forever.

tepeo heat battery prototype v3

tepeo heat battery prototype v3

In a short space of time we’ve grown to a team of 4, gone through 3 product iterations, designed and produced our own electronics, touch screen and software.

The 3rd version of our heat battery has just been finished and we are putting it through its paces. It stores over 50kWh of thermal energy (more than enough for the average UK home on the coldest day of the year). It’s highly efficient, using 100% efficient resistive electric heating as well as incorporating revenue grade metering and grid frequency monitoring.

It will deliver the same performance as a regular gas or oil boiler with over 30kW peak output and is about the size of a washing machine!

A big thanks to my team for all the hard work! Despite the long road ahead in 2019, it’s going to be an exciting one and it feels great to be on track for large scale trials from the autumn.

Johan, Founder & CEO

Johan du Plessis