Our vision is to become leaders in low and zero carbon heating solutions - driving the transition to a world where heating is carbon free, low cost and accessible to everyone.

At tepeo we’re developing a technology with the power to change the way we heat buildings forever. Our technology will enable the rapid decarbonisation of domestic heating with no additional upfront or running costs to homeowners while supporting the transition to a decentralised, decarbonised and democratised energy system.

what’s the issue?

The existential threat of Climate Change means the need to urgently decarbonise the energy system has never been greater. Recent reports from the IPCC have highlighted the immense scale of the challenge.

Half the energy we use in the UK is for heating and it represents 30% of total UK carbon emissions - the largest single contributor! Most of the energy we use in our homes (80%) is for space or water heating and still comes almost entirely from fossil fuels (gas and oil) - 80% of UK homes have a gas boiler!

The lowest cost system solution to decarbonising domestic heating is to electrify it. However direct electric heating would impose enormous additional peak loading on the electricity grid as people use the most heating in the mornings and evenings, when they’ll also be charging their new Electric Vehicles (ZEV). The system costs of managing this peak would be colossal.

The increasing generation of electricity from renewable sources is lowering the carbon intensity of electricity but also taking away the flexibility and control we had over the generation of electricity. That flexibility must come from elsewhere.


“The decarbonisation of heating is arguably the biggest unanswered challenge of the industrial strategy”

so what’s the solution?


Domestic heating is such a large part of global energy demand, but heat is also a very low grade form of energy. If we can electrify it but decouple the electricity demand from the consumption of heating it would provide enormous system flexibility, reducing the need for additional grid infrastructure spend, enabling greater generation from renewables and reducing the cost of energy to consumers.

Independent analysis by the Committee on Climate Change and Imperial College agree on the massive potential benefits of electric heating and thermal storage. They believe it could save over £6bn/annum in system costs - based on their assumptions and what we know we can do with our technology we believe the savings could be far greater.

what is this mysterious technology?

Well this is it… our Zero Emission Boiler. Technically it’s what a scientist might call a Dry Core Storage Boiler.

We have developed some proprietary technology that enables us to store enormous amounts of heat in a really small space and get it out really quickly! This enables us to use electricity at optimal times of the day - to store it as heat - and get it out to your central heating system and/or hot water system exactly when you need it.

The ZEB stores 40kWh of energy which can fully recharge in 4 hours and puts out 20kW of thermal energy when your thermostat asks for it or you turn on your shower.

No changes to your radiators or underfloor heating! Just remove the existing boiler and replace with our ZEB.

For more information check out our technology page and our blog for the latest developments.


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