Say hi to Tepeo’s Zero Emission Boiler!

“It just a white box - looks a bit like my boiler at home”… well actually that’s what we were hoping you’d say.

You see most people sort of get what a gas or oil boiler is and for the most part it works pretty reliably and keeps them warm at low cost. The downside is they’re not nearly as efficient as they pretend to be, they are collectively destroying our planet by burning fossil fuels and causing harmful air pollution in our towns and cities.

We wanted to replicate what a boiler does but without all the bad stuff! Our Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB) gives you the same heating performance (20kW) as your previous boiler except there are zero emissions so your neighbours will thank you - as will the planet!

Our ZEB uses electricity but will cost you the same as gas! How on earth is that possible? We do this by using our proprietary ultra-high density storage technology to automatically charge at the cheapest and greenest times of day. The energy storage is so dense in fact that we store 3 times as much energy in the same volume as a chemical battery or phase change heat battery!

Tepeo’s Zero Emission Boiler (Model P4-00)

Tepeo’s Zero Emission Boiler (Model P4-00)

wait - is this a boiler or a battery?

Actually, it’s both. The really cool part is that all the flexibility in the appliance is not only decarbonising your home but supporting the electricity grid by enabling more renewable generation. The sun will shine as clouds come and go and the wind will blow when it wants but your Tepeo ZEB will always be around and happy to pick up the slack! If you have SolarPV on your roof we can store all of that too so you don’t have to export it to the grid for almost nothing!

Our ZEB incorporates 40kWh of thermal storage with high resolution power metering and frequency monitoring which enables it to deliver grid balancing services to the National Grid such as Firm Frequency Response (FFR). Each device communicates over the internet to a IoT platform where they can be aggregated into a giant Virtual Battery or Virtual Power Plant. Your ZEB will ultimately be able to connect to a host of different platforms from different Energy Suppliers and Aggregators so you can choose who you want to supply you with your heating services and energy.

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what’s the latest?

We’re currently testing our newest prototype (P4-00) and plan to have a customer trial running over the 2019/20 heating season. Please signup here if you’re interested in being part of our trial or if you’d like to be an early adopter when we launch the product in 2020.

Otherwise if you just want to send us your thoughts please drop us an email at or find us on Social Media below.