heating your home, not the planet


heating your home, not the planet

Welcome to the future of clean green heating

Our patent pending Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB) technology will revolutionise the way we heat our homes

The days of burning fossil fuels for heat is coming to an end

The ZEB is a replacement for your gas or oil boiler that is affordable and low carbon without losing performance

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Support a more resilient and lower carbon grid

ZEB technology provides grid balancing and flexibility services making the electricity grid more resilient to the intermittency of renewables

 Use the power you generate

If you have rooftop solar PV a ZEB can automatically store excess electricity produced so you don’t unnecessarily export it to the grid

 Reduce local air pollution for your family and neighbours

Particulates from domestic boilers are a huge cause of air pollution in our cities and impact the health of our own family, friends and neighbours

Support the transition to net zero 

Decarbonisation can’t wait. For most people, the heating in their home is one of their biggest sources of carbon emissions

Coming soon

We plan to sell the first units in 2020 so next winter you could be heated by a Zero Emission Boiler

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